10 m 5 mm Cotton cord, Triple Twisted Macrame cord, Twisted 100% cotton macrame rope , macrame tarn, decor craft DIY cord,


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Cotton cord - 3-strand twisted cord - 3PLY

We cut 10 meters of string by hand and wind on a cardboard box

• thickness - 5 mm
• coil - 10 meters
• composition - 100% cotton, without polyester core
• produced from the highest quality cotton yarn without the addition of plastics
• high tear resistance
• ecological

"Makrama - The art of tying strings, known since antiquity, without the use of needles, wires or crochet.
The binding technique got to Europe from ancient Assyria and Babylonia. In the Middle Ages, it was mainly used to decorate royal robes, in later centuries bedding, sofas and armchairs were also made. The technique again became popular in the 1970s. century.
Using it, you can weave a lot of things from flower beds, necklaces, wall tapestries, ending with bags and backpacks. You can use linen, cotton, hemp, silk, sisal and other threads to make items using macrame techniques. "
Our 5 mm twisted cord is perfect for macramé technique.
Twine is also used for packaging as a decorative element and has many other uses.

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