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A great dream catcher in black is a beautiful term for boho style. I really like this dream wall because of its modern design and bohemia.

If you like black like me, this big wall will make a beautiful decoration of your bedroom or living room. You can put it anywhere in your home. It will bring an atmosphere in your home. This large Dreamcatcher will provide the designer with an accent in your space.

You can also get this great dreamcatcher as a gift for a bluskuy person who likes boho style.


Part of the crochet of this great dream catcher took about a week. I frame the edge with a string, I pull the crochet inside the rim with a decorative string.

Then I make lower tails with different textured laces, ribbons and yarn. I add macramé elements and weaving elements to make my dream catchers unique and attract attention.

This bohemian décor has a positive energy of a hand-made object.


I imagine that this wall of dreams is caught on the wall just above the bed. You will be surprised how beautiful your dreams will be! Certainly, it will make you feel cozy and love.

Another way to use this wallpaper from dreams is to make it a central element in your living room. Your whole family and friends will love her on the sofa or in the fireplace.

This large dream catcher will become the perfect backdrop for photos for your birthday or other private event. Both the fairy and the feminine will become an unforgettable background.

This hand-made dream catcher will also be a great gift for an adult girl without a girl, with attention to design, art and literature.


from top to bottom 160 cm (63 inches)
wheel diameter 60 cm (23,62 in)


I use a string of natural cotton, different textured yarn, lace, ribbons, feathers, plastic or metal hoops.
Keep in mind that the color of natural cotton strings is more ivory, not white.


Shipping worldwide. Please let me know if you are interested in fast shipping. I would like to talk.


I am asking for a message regarding a custom order. I am happy to talk to you about your special project, size, etc.

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