9 mm Cotton cord, Bobbiny twisted Macrame cord, Twisted 100% cotton macrame rope , macrame tarn, decor craft DIY cord,


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9mm macrame string is a great solution for those who like large projects.
It is extremely soft and thick at the same time. The 9mm diameter makes working with it extremely fast and pleasant.

Perfect for macrame projects such as wall decorations or plant hangers. You can also use it for weaving. If you want to create a fringed design, this is the string for you! Thanks to detangling, you will get beautiful, very dense fringes.

9mm string is the perfect material for the impatient to work ???? With its help, you will create effective designs in a very short time. Tie a few knots, add fringes, and you’re done!

The string has the STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX certificate in class I, which means that it is safe and can be used even in products for babies and children up to 3 years of age. It is made of the highest quality recycled yarn, which does not require use at any stage of production dyes, water or any chemical products.

The spool on which the string is wound is made of recycled paper and is biodegradable.


30 m
10 m
5 m

The spool is 30 meters.


A 10-meter and 5-meter string is conscientiously measured, carefully wound on a cardboard and signed by hand. We prepare these cut strings especially for you, which we take from the entire skein, hence the lack of original manufacturer’s labels.


whenever we measure strings, we do it with a slight excess :)

Made in Poland

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