Bobbiny Metalic Twist 3mm macrame rope 54 yards (50 meters) - 3-strand (3-ply) macrame rope, twisted macrame rope


Shipping to United States: $39.85

Triple-twisted 3ply macrame string - 50m

The metallic yarn gives a unique effect!

We produce a Bobbin 3mm triple macrame string from 60 individual fibers. We twist it from 3 parts of 20 threads each.

Thanks to the new, twisted structure, the string is strong, easy to work with, and you can get two types of fringes by untangling it with your fingers or combing it with a comb.

It's perfect for making Holiday's decorations, centrepieces and other decorative projects.

The 3mm string can also be used as a gift-wrapping cord.

Thanks to the unique combination of a shiny twisted thread and a cotton string, it's an ideal material to create small gifts for your loved ones, e.g. shiny key chain, or elegant DIY jewellery.

Bobbiny's strings are a guarantee of the highest quality.

The spool on which the string is wound is made of recycled paper and is biodegradable.

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