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Dream catcher With a wolf motif

The mandala symbolizes harmony and perfection

The colors have distances have their meaning.

YELLOW: sun, light, spirit weather, joy, contentment

ORANGE: optimism, energy, joy of life, activity, tenderness, courage, strength, cordiality, youth, self-confidence

RED: love, self-confidence, strength, perseverance, independence

PINK: romanticism, sensitivity, femininity, delicacy,

BLUE: confidence, self-control, compatibility, peace, relaxation, longing, faithfulness

TURQUOISE: friendship, communicativeness, ingenuity, self-confidence, personal charm, grace, humor

GREEN: hope, strong will, emotional balance, endurance, health

BLACK / GRAY: honor, preservation of dignity

WHITE: purity, innocence, perfection, nobility

Therefore, if you want, you can choose any colors

Hand work, each of my works is a unique and unique creation. Made from natural materials. The dream catchers are magical items. They combine beauty with a positive energy.

Place this nice piece in your House for the protection of good dreams and harmony.

Dimensions: Diameter ca: 48 cm

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